Our Mission

We introduce to floating PV market, disruptive tech solutions, for benefit of developers and society.

Live is about change and adapt. Especially in area of renewable energy, where even tiny optimization matters. Because our solution and meant to endure 25+ years.

We are making  renewables simpler and integrate them seamlessly into their immediate environment. By all means, our priority is to act right now, on a large scale, all around the world.

We work hand-in-hand with our partners accordingly to develop innovative, tailored solutions. And give them more and more Watts on Water. Our strong R&D capabilities enable us to design floating solar solutions that are both reliable and durable.

On the whole, we constantly draw on our wide experience optimising our solutions, and leverage the advice and support services we offer, to establish new paths that are more respectful of human life.


Our Services

& design

We offer engineering services for the floating solar power
plant and its anchoring – tailor made for your project features.


& Logistic

With our turnkey solutions, we produce our own
floating solar technologies and deliver the system
with quality guarantee.



Our teams are with you and your partners throughout the process and construction work. We demonstrate, execute and train your staff.


Title Maintenance And Facility Management

We guarantee complete and efficient engineering
services to ensure the performance, safety and
longevity of your floating photovoltaic power plant.


What We Do

Our algorithm for successful development


Design and feasibility

We thoroughly exploit you water surface – shores, grid connection opportunities, bottom, flora and fauna of the water. We will propose solution, which could help flora and fauna to be supported with project development.



We create the best optimized version of your FPV park. We engineer all park components – floating capacity needed for your climate conditions, main construction, service construction, electrical net, floating transformer construction, floating cable route, substation plot



We produce all technology at our own premises, keeping timelines in contract. We follow standards of the industry with careful details attention.


Logistics and installment

We deliver and prepare the assembling ground, ensuring all permissions. We provide highly trained assembling team with capacity up to 0,6 mW / day.


Management and monitoring

We do guarantee included maintenance, but also management of the FPV parks. It includes monitoring of the park real time.

Projects Gallery

Do You Have A Project?

Our production, design and engineering teams are here 24/7 for you.

Looking forward to explore together your next Floating  PV project.